Tuning Cost


Standard A-440 Fine Tune  $120 

Most piano players prefer to have their piano tuned every 6 months and this is the recommended interval for most home use pianos.  Others choose to have their piano tuned once each year.  This is acceptable for a low use instrument or for young beginners.

Initial Tuning/New Customer  $180

At your first tuning, I will spend extra time  to stabilize the pitch.  After this first tuning, I will maintain your piano every 6 months or once per year for $120.
NOTE:  If you have had a regular technician and and have had your piano tuned within the last 6 months, I will waive the initial fee.

Free Estimates

If your piano hasn’t been tuned in over ten years it could take more time to stabilize the pitch.  Also if you have sticking keys (many things can cause a sticking key) or something that needs repair then I will have to look at the piano before I can let you know what it needs and how much it cost.  For this reason if you live in Concord or close by I will give you a free estimate.  If you live farther out I  charge $45.

 Call 704-467-1086 you can also text this number to schedule